“Seeker” was designed to compete in Robo Magellan contests, or “DARPA Mini-challenge” at the Seattle Robotics Society (SRS) Robothon.  He won first place in 2005 (the only year I competed).  Seeker uses the same base software as my other robots, including the ability to do remote control and diagnostics over 802.11, but was my first robot to add path planning and map display capabilities ( which are extended even more in Loki).

Seeker Construction

Seeker Pictures:

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  1. Von Ling says:

    Hi dave, do you build and create less complicated version of loki robot? Please email me. Looking forward for your reply ^_^

    • dshinsel says:

      Hi Von,
      All the robots I have built are listed on this site. I highly recommend starting with a simple robot and working up to more complex robots. Depending upon your skill level, you might want to Google some of the following: Microsoft Robotics, or the Leaf Robot project, or Willow Garage Turtlebot. Also, reading Servo Magazine will help you find other robot projects.

    • Mohamed says:

      Hi Dave I’m 11 years old and I want to build a robot can you email me instructions on what to buy and how to make a simple robot

  2. kenny says:

    could you make a video to show everyone how to make a loki robot?

  3. Prashanth says:

    your project is really cool and amazing. I’m doing my International Masters in Computer Security @ Paris. I have a project as part of my curricullum and I’m interested in Robotics that can be implemented during the time of Emergency.So, for reference could you plz mail me the source code of ur project so that i might get a glimpse of how my project can be done…..

    Waiting for ur reply,

  4. Mohamed says:

    For picture number 20 did you buy the place where the motor and batteries are or did you make it

    • dshinsel says:

      I started with a stock TreX and then made the tray that the batteries sit in. The motors are mounted with the stock mount. I did get a new set of gears, and reduced to lower gear ratio (stock gears made the robot go too fast!)

  5. Mohamed says:

    Hi Dave I was wondering if a put stock gears and bought a speed controller I will be able to control the speed and I wanted to ask you if you have sensors on lokis hand so that when it picks up a paper cup it will not hold it to hard so it would not brake

    • dshinsel says:

      Speed controller is needed regardless, so the robot can control the speed reliably. but, it will only slow the robot down to a certain amount, then the motors stall.
      The stock gears are just too fast! But, it won’t hurt to try it.

      Regarding paper cup… I’ve never quite tried that, but easy to do. The robot code can easily set the Dynamixel servos torque so it will not crush the paper cup.
      Also, you can use force sensors, like these:

  6. Mohamed says:

    i want to make a car bot and i was wondering what types of things you used for seeker for example the camera the laptop the wheels and where you got them from if you can please email me the list or please reply to my comment waiting for your reply

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