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Robot Combat League –
Through the eyes of a Contestant

“…As we unstrap and hurry down to inspect Crash, our pit crew puts the maintenance stand under Crash’s boom and the control engineer shuts down the hydraulic pressure so we can safely work on the robot.  We know we have a broken right arm actuator, and I ask the techs to start pulling that actuator while I inspect the left.  We discover that the armor mounting bracket of the left arm has bent, causing the armor to interfere with the arm movement…”


 Loki has been featured in some magazine articles, including the July 2011 cover of Servo Magazine,  plus several references in the “Now and Then” column, thanks to Tom Carroll.

Also, one day I received a call from Popular Mechanics, saying they wanted to feature Loki in their “Backyard Genius Awards“.  What followed was some crazy shots by their photographers, but it was pretty cool to be in such a well known magazine.












Back in 2006, I wrote a series of articles for Servo Magazine, outlining some of the things I learned while building Seeker for the SRS RoboMagellan competition (January – March issues).  All three articles are reprinted here, courtesy of Servo Magazine.




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