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Dave Shinsel leads robotics technology direction in the New Technology Group at Intel, with focus on Intel(r) RealSense(tm) Technology.

Dave has authored articles for popular robotics magazines, was awarded a “Backyard Genius” award by Popular Mechanics, and teamed up with his daughter to win the the SyFy Channel’s $100,000 “Robot Combat League” (see Facebook/ShinselRobots).

Dave had led the development of a variety of interesting projects, including; the graphics driver for the first MacBook Air, Intel(r) Graphics Performance Analyzers,  Intel Video Phone, Vivonic Fitness Trainer (hand-held fitness device), Intel Create&Share camera driver, GPRS Wireless, Intel Streaming Media web player, and more.

Prior to working at Intel, Dave worked at Hughes Aircraft, Epson America, Mentor Graphics, and a couple of small start-ups.  Dave has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the California State University at Long Beach.

Contact Info:
shinsel <dot> robots <at> gmail <dot> com (trying to avoid spam) 🙂  But, if you have a question about robots, please enter it in one of the Blogs on this website, or on YouTube (so others can benefit, as they may have a similar questions).


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  1. mark jackson says:

    is bugbot on sale and if yes where can I buy it.

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