Loki Frame

Early pictures.  The beginning of Loki.  Note the use of Stepper Motors.  These were later replaced with more powerful and quiet Pitman motors.


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  1. Julia says:

    Sweet information, wonderful website design, keep up the good work

  2. John says:

    Frame & Wheelbase questions:

    1. Is your frame actually square, with angles trimmed off?
    2. Do you have on your site anywhere what the frame dimension actually are?
    3. What is the distant between your wheels? (front to front and front to back).

    Any help I would be grateful for 🙂


    • dshinsel says:

      Hi John,

      Look at the section “Loki Frame Design” http://www.dshinsel.com/loki-frame/
      The frame has 6 sides:
      Front: 15.5 inches
      Sides: 18 inches each
      Back Sides: 9 inches each
      Back: 4 inches

      Distance between Wheels: 12.5 inches center to center

      The frame pictures are old, I replaced the stepper motors shown with other motors later on.

      All that said, if I was building Loki again, from scratch, I would probably lay out the frame differently, putting the drive motors in the back, and casters in the front, or maybe even drive motors in the middle, and casters in front and back. The current configuration (motors up front), make it harder for Loki to get through doorways (it works, but a little tricky).

      Hope this helps!

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