HelmetBot is a telepresence robot. It was setup so I could remotely control him while traveling, and see what he sees.

I built HelmetBot out of a bicycle helmet.  He has 6 IR sensors in the front for object avoidance, a Logitech WebCam, and an iPaq for interface.  Of course, if I were to build him today, I would use an Arduino and/or Android device.

See the HemetBot Construction page for more pictures.


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  1. Max says:

    Just a little confused- did you start out with gear motors and then switch to cr servos? Nice aesthetics. If you did use Arduino, would the webcam still be a part of it?

    • dshinsel says:

      I started with servos (modified for continuous rotation), then switched to gear motors, because my daughter complained that the servo motors had a high-pitched whine (I could not hear it 🙂 ). When I built this, technology was limited. I used an iPAQ (remember those?) and a wireless webcam, and a PIC for the sensor and motor interface. If I was to build another one today, I’d do one of the following:
      Option 1) Find an older Android phone on eBay, and use the built-in camera (with some sort of mirror / Periscope?). However, Android OS is not easy to setup and program, so
      Option 2) Find a new small WiFi Camera that comes with software for remote monitoring, and run all the robot control code using Arduino (with a WiFi Shield).

      I probably would not do the “Helmet” idea again. It looks cool, but is hard to get inside to do any maintenance or troubleshooting. I find with my robots I am constantly changing things as new sensors and tech comes out, so making the electronics easily accessible is a good idea.

      Have Fun!

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