Books and Articles

Here some of my favorite books and magazines.

Most of these books (and lots more) are available at robotmarketplace and Amazon

These first two books are must have.  Tons of great info!


Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation

This book was one of the most important books I read on robots.  You MUST read this book!




Robot Builder’s Bonanza

I read the original verison by Gordon  McComb.  I’ve since seen a 4th editon, which I hear is great, and this latest one by Gordon McComb and Myke Predko, who are two of my favorite robot authors.  I’ve read several books from each of them.  Tons of practical info in this book!


Building Robot Drive Trains

A great book when you are ready to go to the next level of detail






Robot Programming: A Behavior-Based Approach

Another good one.




Practical Electronics for Inventors 

Great info, pretty much a crash course on electronic circuits.




Servo Magazine

Lots of good stuff for beginner and intermediate robot builders, and they have both print and online versions that you can search!  And, yes, that is Loki on the cover! 🙂



Nuts And Volts

By the same publisher as Servo, this is a more general electronics hobby magazine, but has lots of good ideas.




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