Alice is a new robot I built after Loki, to provide a smaller platform for testing algorithms. Alice runs mostly the same software as Loki, with a few modifications to match the hardware differences, and she has a female voice.

Alice Design

Alice is built upon a “Kobuki” robot base, which is sort of an upgraded version of the iRobot Create / Roomba.  The popular ROS Turtlebot 2 is built on this same base.  See Windows Turtle for a robot built on iRobot Create base.

Alice uses an Intel NUC computer, which then talks to peripherals over USB.  Looking at the picture from top to bottom you can see:

  • Kinect depth camera
  • Lilliput display (connected to the NUC over HDMI)
  • Creative depth camera (experimental)
  • Speaker
  • Arduino Mega 2560 (behind the Speaker)
  • Intel NUC computer
  • USB Hub
  • Kobuki Base

I’ll be adding more info about Alice as soon as I get a chance…

Here are some more pictures:

3 Responses to Alice

  1. Jack says:

    can i code for alice ?

  2. Lee says:

    Hi – How do you power the NUC? From the Kobuki 12v output or via some kind of intermediate battery or dc-dc step up converter? Thanks.

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