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Welcome to my website.  I have migrated to this new format, which should be easier to keep up to date.  Please leave me feedback on my robots, or if you see anything not working on the site.  I welcome your comments!


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  1. Michael Yates says:

    Hello Dave,

    I couldn’t seem to find any contact info for you on the site.

    We are casting a brand new robo-technology show for a well-known cable network. The show is competition-based with VERY high-end robots which need techs to advice, upgrade, and control all for a cash prize.

    Please email me at mike secrethandshake DOT com if you’d like to know more. I’ll give you my office number by email so I can go into more detail about the show.

    Michael Yates
    Casting Director
    Smart Dog Media

  2. John says:

    Hello Dave My name is John. I have really found you inspirational and your website has proved very useful. I would like to ask though where would you recommend I get all the material for Loki’s frame?

    Thank you a lot for posts and I hope you find the time to help me out with this.

    • dshinsel says:

      Hi John,
      Loki is made almost exclusively with angle aluminum. I just bought it at my local ACE Hardware. Different ACE stores have different selections, so check around. Also, you might be able to get cheaper on the internet, I don’t know.

  3. Ediith says:

    Hello Dave..
    Well I am thinking about starting to build my robot. how much did all this cost you? how long did it take for you to make loki? I am so intrested in learning all i can so i too can build my own if you can please send me a e-mail at thanks

  4. dustin loring says:

    i was wondering were you mounted the kinect sensor and how u mounted i

    • dshinsel says:

      I wanted the Kinect to pivot smoothly at center axis so the distance is constant when the Kinect pans from down (looking at the floor) to up (looking at a person). So, I removed the Kinect base, and attached a servo at one end and a pivot point at the other end. I had an old servo that was bad, so I pulled the gears out and used that as the free-wheeling pivot.

      Next, I routed the cable so the Kinect could pivot freely while keeping the cable hidden and snug. I use a spring to keep light tension on the cable so it says out of the way.

      To remove the base, you have to disassemble the Kinect and destroy the base (to get the cable out).

      Here’s a picture of the modified Kinect (bottom view)

      Hope this helps!

      — Dave

  5. Roshan says:

    Hi dave Could you please send me how to make a loki please i am begging to you.

  6. Rick says:


    I have only dreamed of having a bot like yours after watching Short Circuit’s Johnny Five when I was a kid. I’m now 35 yrs old and thanks to you I might have a chance to fulfill that dream. I’ve always been drawn to electronics but have never learned programming. I’m hoping that I can take your source files and make this dream a reality and learn whats needed to get a Loki clone up and going. Might be a long road as I’m already having issues just getting the Kinect SDK installed. 🙁

    Thanks again for not being selfish and your willing to share your skills so others like me can enjoy Loki 🙂

    • dshinsel says:

      Hi Rick,
      Yes, I loved Short Circuit! I will caution you that this is advanced programming! I suggest you start with a small robot and Arduino to get started, and get the idea of programming, then work your way up. Either way, Best of luck!

  7. kevin kufrin says:

    Hello Dave, I’m a big fan of your work with Loki. I am a cartoonist so I’m pretty creative. I’m trying to build my own robot from scratch using EZ-Robot software. Where did you get the AI software used for Loki, and is it hard to manipulate? I want my robot to be as aware of its surroundings as possible, so I’ll be using distance sensors and motion detectors. Would the Kinect be a better choice? Thank you for any help and I’ll be following Loki’s progress……..Kevin

    • dshinsel says:

      Hi Kevin,
      EZ Robot is a great way to get going. Make sure to look at projects on their website to get a feel for what is possible.
      The Kinect is great for getting better info about the environment, but requires much more complex programming. The same is true for AI. But, I think its’ possible to do so pretty creative stuff with the EZ robot software, so definitely start there, and when you are ready to move to more advanced programming learn C# or C++.
      I think a lot of people try to move too fast. Learn on a more basic robot and build up. Good luck!

  8. Mohamed says:

    Hi Dave when I am trying to open ez robot software on my Mac it is saying I need an application to back up this document I was hoping that you know an application I can use

  9. Advait U Marathe says:

    I am High School Junior and would like to do something different for my summer. I have participated in multiple FLL and FTC competitions and won few. I would like to do a summer internship with your company. Is it possible?
    – Advait.

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